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Get to know Alberta's Promise

See Alberta's Promise through Riley's eyes and
find out how we connect givers and doers across Alberta.


We will inspire and encourage businesses, agencies, communities and individuals to partner together and adopt the Alberta's Promise commitment to children and youth.



Together we will make Alberta the best place in the world to raise our children and youth.



We make community involvement easy

Alberta's Promise helps businesses give back to their community, strategically and creatively. We connect businesses with non-profits across Alberta to make meaningful contributions that benefit children and youth ages 0 to 24. We work closely with businesses to find community involvement opportunities aligned with business goals and values, make the connections and facilitate partnerships with local non-profits that serve kids, and boost brand visibility through employee communications, media, and events. Our Community Involvement Toolkit for Business guides businesses through the steps of creating a strategic community involvement plan.

While we do not raise funds, we inspire all sectors of the economy to support programs and services for kids, whether through financial gifts, volunteer hours, or in-kind donations.

Our organization

Alberta's Promise operates within the Government of Alberta department of Human Services. Our work supports Five Promises: five developmental areas that help kids succeed.

Founded in 2003 as a first priority of the provincial government, Alberta's Promise is supported by our Premier's Council members. These individuals are business and community leaders appointed by the Premier of Alberta to act as ambassadors for the organization. We are also supported by over 1,800 business, non-profit, and community partners from all regions of the province.

For more information, read our FAQ or Contact Us to learn more about our no-fee partnership and marketing services.


We couldn't do it alone

Alberta's Promise is supported by partner organizations, community leaders

appointed to the Premier's Council, and a team of dedicated staff.

Meet our Promise Partners Meet our Premier's Council Contact Us



Our Little Red Wagon

You may have seen our Little Red Wagon and wondered
what it is all about. When Alberta's Promise partners
proudly display their wagon, it means that they
are committed to keeping the Five Promises
and are dedicated to working together to
benefit Alberta's kids.

Creating and supporting positive outcomes for children and youth in Alberta has always been the cornerstone of Alberta's Promise. Since 2003, the Little Red Wagon has been the symbol of our organization representing our commitment
to children and youth.

The Little Red Wagon is a symbol of childhood, a helpful means for pulling the occasionally heavy load of life and a place to keep dreams, with a handle so an adult can help out from time to time.



The Five Promises we support

The Five Promises are at the heart of all we do.
Together with our partners, we are committed to supporting 
five key developmental building blocks needed by children to reach
their full potential in school, work and community.

A Healthy Start

A Healthy Start

"I promise to nurture the growth and well-being of children in their early years and to support parents."

Caring Adults

Caring Adults

"I promise to provide support and guidance to children and youth through mentoring, coaching and volunteering."

Child & Youth Friendly Communities

Child & Youth
Friendly Communities

"I promise to provide safe, caring communities in which children and youth can grow."

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

"I promise to inspire a passion for learning and skill development throughout life; in the classroom, in the workplace, in the community."

Opportunities to Contribute

Opportunities to

"I promise to support children and youth to become active citizens, innovators and leaders in their communities."

Our annual reports

Our annual reports outline some of the work our partners have done with us over the years

to help make Alberta the best place to raise our children and youth.

2016 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2015 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2014 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2013 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2012 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2011 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2010 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2009 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2008 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2007 Annual Report PDF / ISSUU
2006 Report to Community PDF / ---
2004-2005 Partners' Report PDF / ISSUU
2003 Partners' Report PDF / ISSUU

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Alberta's Promise
Alberta's Promise makes community investment easy.
We help businesses in Alberta direct financial gifts, volunteer hours, and in-kind donations to non-profits that support the well-being of kids and their families.

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Alberta's Promise