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You've got questions, we've got answers

Browse our frequently asked questions below for a better understanding of how

Alberta's Promise makes community involvement easy.


What is Alberta's Promise?

Alberta's Promise is a provincial government initiative encouraging businesses, non-profit organizations, and communities to collaborate and enhance programs and services for kids. Alberta's Promise does not raise funds but rather facilitates strategic community investment partnerships across the province.
We connect businesses with something to give (e.g., financial gifts, in-kind resources, or volunteer hours) to youth-serving non-profits seeking resources. We also provide recognition to businesses that give back through marketing campaigns, web articles, and events.
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How does Alberta's Promise facilitate partnerships?

Alberta's Promise helps its Builder (business) Partners find strategic and creative ways to give back. We clarify the business' giving priorities, identify giving opportunities in the community, and broker meaningful partnerships with local non-profits. Alberta's Promise also helps promote these partnerships through digital communications, media outreach, and events. Our no-fee partnership and marketing services are intended to help businesses give back and enhance the well-being of children and youth in Alberta.

Is there a cost to partnership with Alberta's Promise?

While there are no sign-up costs to becoming a partner with Alberta's Promise, nor any fees to access partnership and marketing services, partners are asked to commit volunteer hours, in-kind donations, and/or financial gifts to children's initiatives in their communities.

How does Alberta's Promise choose the agencies that receive funding?

Alberta's Promise does not choose the agencies that benefit from community investments. Rather, we work closely with Builder (business) Partners to identify the non-profit organizations and community investment opportunities that align with business goals and giving resources. The business then makes the decision to partner with the non-profit of their choice. Alberta's Promise encourages all Promise Agencies to keep their profile information updated. Please visit to find your profile, and login to the Partner Portal at to edit your profile.

What role does the Premier have with Alberta's Promise?

The Premier chairs the Premiers Council on Alberta's Promise and appoints the business and community leaders that act as ambassadors for the organization.

What is the role of the Premier's Council?

The Premier's Council is comprised of over 80 business, non-profit and community leaders from across the province who volunteer their time to champion investment in kids. Council members provide strategic advice to Alberta's Promise, help identify partnership opportunities, encourage community investment in their communities, and connect Promise Partners to one another. Learn more at

How is Alberta's Promise different from other organizations?

Alberta's Promise is a government program funded by the Government of Alberta through the Ministry of Human Services. We exist to create meaningful partnerships between businesses and non-profits that support children and youth. While we do not collect funds, we work closely with businesses to plan their community investment strategy, identify the opportunities that align best with their giving priorities, and recognize their financial, in-kind or volunteer contributions to their communities. Our no-fee partnership and marketing services ensure that businesses big and small can give back and make a difference for kids.



Alberta's Promise
Alberta's Promise makes community investment easy.
We help businesses in Alberta direct financial gifts, volunteer hours, and in-kind donations to non-profits that support the well-being of kids and their families.

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Alberta's Promise