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Our Promise Partners make a difference

Hundreds of businesses, non-profits, and communities have become Alberta's Promise partners.

Together, they share the belief that Alberta's next generation benefits most when all sectors
work together to pull the Little Red Wagon for kids.


We have three partner types. Promise Builders are businesses, corporations, and foundations that
commit to giving back through financial, time, and in-kind donations. Promise Agencies are non-profit

and charitable organizations that deliver programs and services to kids. And Promise Communities

are municipalities and local governments that foster partnerships and support kids' initiatives.


We also work with affiliate organizations who support our vision and mission.




Get to know our partners!

Connect with Promise Partners across Alberta.

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Become a Promise Partner

Brand your business, non-profit or community as a proud Alberta's Promise partner
and let your employees and clients know that your organization is committed to kids.

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Alberta's Promise
Alberta's Promise makes community investment easy.
We help businesses in Alberta direct financial gifts, volunteer hours, and in-kind donations to non-profits that support the well-being of kids and their families.

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Alberta's Promise