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Why give back to your community?

We all know that giving is good for the community. It brings people together to achieve common goals,
raises awareness of social issues, and increases the pie of resources needed to build a thriving community.
But is doing good good for business?

According to renowned Harvard Business School professor Dr. Michael E. Porter and FSG managing director Mark R. Kramer,
an effective giving program is not only good for business but a downright competitive advantage.
Strategic giving brings the social and economic goals of the business into alignment
and ultimately strengthens the conditions for business sustainability and growth.

Healthy community = Healthy economy

Many small businesses see a clear connection between the health of their organization
and the health of the communities in which they do business. Supporting educational programming
and mentorship for children, for instance, often contributes to a better educated workforce,
while increasing community resources for families contributes to a more
economically-resilient base of consumers.

The more closely a company’s community involvement is linked to improving its business environment,
the more economically and socially beneficial its giving will be.

We've made it easy to give back and get ahead.

Download the Community Involvement Toolkit 


Benefits to your business

A strong community involvement strategy can benefit your business while making a positive impact in your community.
Engage your people, build your brand, and make a difference with Alberta's Promise. 

         Engage your people

Engage your people

Get your employees and clients involved in giving decisions to strengthen their pride and affiliation with your organization.

         Build your brand

Build your brand

Build the brand and reputation of your organization by aligning yourself with great local causes that inspire goodwill.

         Make a difference

Make a difference

Feel good for supporting non-profit organizations that make a difference for local children and their families.

Don't just take our word for it

The case for corporate philanthropy is strong, especially when you consider the benefits and debunk the myths.

Is giving back worthwhile
for Canadian companies?


You can taste the benevolence: Giving back and the halo effect


The power of giving back:
Boost your bottom line


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See how partners make a difference

Whether through financial gifts, volunteer time and expertise, or in-kind resources,
here's how our partners are making a difference for kids.

IBM supports early childhood learning and literacy

Bridging the digital divide and giving kids a healthy start is what IBM's Young Explorer program is all about. See how Alberta's Promise helped IBM invest in communities across Alberta.


Soup Sisters wants to help you give back at ground level
2018 May 29 | Alberta’s Promise partner Soup Sisters is taking on a new venture by expanding its offerings and providing alternative ways to give back.

Volunteer Wednesday: How SureCall embeds giving into the work week
2018 May 17 | For workers with a nine to five, Monday to Friday job, Wednesday is commonly referred to as “hump day”. It’s the proverbial hill one must summit during a tough week before finally descending towards the weekend. Wednesdays aren’t usually greeted with much anticipation; they’re just something to get through, another “hump day” to conquer.

CINIM’s BreathingRoom benefit concert will take place June 2
2018 May 16 | All proceeds and donations will be matched up to 50% by Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink


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Feeling inspired? Get started

Begin your community investment journey

Alberta's Promise
Alberta's Promise makes community investment easy.
We help businesses in Alberta direct financial gifts, volunteer hours, and in-kind donations to non-profits that support the well-being of kids and their families.

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