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3ELM Consulting | Partner Since 2016

3ELM Consulting is driven by the social initiative to help solve technological, operational and strategic problems for change positive organizations. Through advanced digital strategy consulting, they advise and share collective expertise and global insights focused on improving elements of the status-quo. Since their inception, they realized the importance of making lives better through creativity and technology. 3ELM Consulting will infuse this value system internally and inspire others to embrace these values as an inherent part of the social norm.


We embrace imagination and work to bring it to life.
We are motivated through our diversity and vibrant culture.
We strive to become the leaders we crave to be.
We care and invest in our people and the community.
We ensure that women are fully represented in decision-making and leadership positions.
We aspire to maintain our internal drive by continually challenging ourselves.


Region: Provincial | Calgary

Alberta's Promise
Alberta's Promise makes community investment easy.
We help businesses in Alberta direct financial gifts, volunteer hours, and in-kind donations to non-profits that support the well-being of kids and their families.

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Alberta's Promise