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Aboriginal Youth & Family Well-Being & Education Society

Partner Since 2013

Aboriginal Youth & Family Well-Being & Education Society is a non-profit organization that was established to assist Aboriginal youth to remain in school and be successful in achieving their educational and personal potential, as well as assisting their families to support them in this goal. To accomplish this, the Aboriginal Youth & Family Well-Being & Education Society works with youth ages 12-15, and their families, to improve their educational, economic, social and personal prospects, help youth gain higher self-esteem, develop positive life goals and skills, and become connected to positive role models and support systems that will enable them to achieve these goals. Mission To promote Aboriginal children and youth's success in completing their education by advancing the value of education through the provision of a positive learning experience. We believe that in order to help improve the conditions of Aboriginal children, youth and families, we must focus on prevention and intervention. We believe that family and community involvement is essential and critical to our success. The Society endeavours to nurture well-being and development of each individual in order for them to appreciate their own strengths and realize their capabilities. Aboriginal Youth & Family Well-Being & Education Society works in a positive and supportive manner, providing positive experiences both during school hours and outside of school. Our organization is not aware of any other programs that exist within the Edmonton area and which provide the same level and type of supports to Aboriginal youth and their families to help the youth remain in school, including in-school instructional support, out of school homework support, positive personal skill development and opportunities to experience a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

Region: Provincial | Edmonton

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