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Redcliff Action Society for Youth

Partner Since 2009

The Redcliff Youth Centre is a vital part of the community of Redcliff. The Centre operates as a non- profit agency and is the “place to go” for youth ages 10-17.

At the Centre the youth are given a safe and substance free environment where they can do homework, participate in programs/activities and spend time with their peers. The Redcliff Youth Centers purpose and goal is to promote healthy and safe choices for youth as well as allow them to develop a sense of belonging within the community.

The Redcliff Youth Centre’s mission is to lead and encourage the positive identity for youths in Redcliff. This is done by promoting activities and projects which encourage healthy lifestyles, alternate choices for leisure time, personal development, and personal empowerment for themselves in their community. By following this mission, youth will have the chance to make better choices for themselves, stay away from crime, undesired behaviors, and troublesome actions.

The vision here is to see a future in which youth will be looked upon as vital members of society and not as trouble makers. 

Region: South Region | Redcliff

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