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Making Changes Association | Partner Since 2013

Making Changes Association is a vibrant community development organization that assists over 2,300 women and teenage girls each year to build stronger futures for themselves and their families. In their ongoing efforts to provide relevant supports and address gaps in service for women in transition, they added a new program Women In Technology in 2017.

As the only program of its kind in Canada, My Best Friend's Closet (MBFC) provides 90 minutes and one-on-one appointments to teenage girls aged 12 to 18 from low-income households who are provided with fashionable and functional clothing to meet their school and recreational needs. They provide them with a year's worth of clothing.

While there are many things affecting and contributing to the development of self-esteem and self-confidence for adolescent girls, clothing and fashion also contribute to self-perceptions. Given the enormous influence that peer judgements have on identity development, the importance of ‘fitting in’ and being accepted by peers through fashion and style cannot be undermined. Poor self-esteem and low feelings of relatedness often lead to a lack of school connectedness and engagement, which then may lead to school drop-out and a range of other poor outcomes.

Sending a child to school can be very expense, especially for parents whose budgets are stretched. School fees, supplies, bus fees and extracurricular costs quickly add up and providing a selection of warm, fashionable clothing for teenage daughters is not always possible.

For new Canadians, the variety of clothing needed to manage through our changing weather patterns is often unanticipated and financially out of reach. With the addition of My Best Friend’s Closet Program, they have been able to assist both mothers and their daughters in their journeys forward; create outreach opportunities to deepen the impact of their work; engage a new generation of youth volunteers and supporters; and address a gap in services for many low-income families in our community.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for service they have recently increased the number of appointments available by opening Wednesday evening and during scheduled school closures.

Communities served include:



High River

Region: Calgary Region | Calgary

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