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ACFA Regionale de Lethbridge | Partner Since 2006

The ACFA regionale de Lethbridge is committed to promote the development of life and French culture in the Francophone community of Lethbridge and area. The ACFA ensures the organization of social and cultural activities for Francophones in the region. The ACFA regionale de Lethbridge is proud to participate in the development of organizations relevant to the needs of the Francophone community and also act as the official spokesperson for the Francophone community in Alberta. Our mission is to promote and understand the interests of the Francophone community that we serve. We serve the Francophone community of all ages but we do focus on youth to help them understand and experience the French culture. We offer spring and summer camp for children from 5 to 12 years old that allows children to share a cultural experience with others. We also offer several workshops in FRENCH: Improve, choir, cooking and more!

Region: South Region | Lethbridge

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