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Stardale Women's Group Inc. | Partner Since 2007

Stardale delivers program services to at-risk Aboriginal girls aged 10-17. Their Mandate is to: 1. Introduce proactive interventions that empower Aboriginal girls to overcome systematic barriers and internalization of lower standards of wellness, achievement, education, and employability by providing classroom educational opportunities as well as skills-training and strategies for healthy choice-making. 2. Focus on preventative measures of addressing abuse and violence by following a holistic approach in training, thus allowing each participant to heal in her own time(s) and place(s). 3. Foster cross-cultural exchange of health and social development issues with community partnerships. 4. Develop research and learning schemes in order to have a better informed view of the needs in the province. 5. Share our programming strategy, and encourage others to begin the healing journey.

Region: Calgary Region | Calgary

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