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'NSTEP (Nutrition Students Teachers Exercising with Students) | Partner Since 2012

In 2002 the World Health Organization announced that "this is the first generation of children that will die before their parents due to preventable nutritional diseases". This is what inspired 'NSTEP (Nutrition Students Teachers Exercising with Parents). 'NSTEP is a small "made in Calgary" registered charity that is growing in its reach to more communities and schools in Canada. 'NSTEP's goal is to prevent childhood obesity with its interactive physical activity and nutrition program. Their core philosophy is that once students, teachers and parents have the knowledge of healthier food and activity choices, they can begin to change their behaviour. This is how 'NSTEP creates a culture of change as the foundation for small simple steps that are meaningful and sustainable for every child and family. These simple steps become learned habits that are with them for life.

'NSTEP works with elementary school communities, PILOTing Junior and Senior High in Calgary to share with other communities. They are being asked to bring their nutrition/activity/student leadership education program to outside community groups such as FC Edmonton, Calgary Bridge Foundation and others.

To see 'NSTEP student leaders in action please check this out

Communities served include:



Region: Calgary Region | Calgary

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