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Article posted on May 29, 2018

Soup Sisters wants to help you give back at ground level

Soup Sisters' recently launched enterprise extension is offering high protein, low sodium wholesale soup. 100% of proceeds support Soup Sisters.
Soup Sisters' recently launched enterprise extension is offering high protein, low sodium wholesale soup. 100% of proceeds support Soup Sisters.

Alberta’s Promise partner Soup Sisters is taking on a new venture by expanding its offerings and providing alternative ways to give back.

Since 2009 Soup Sisters has delivered 1.5 million servings of soup nationwide to families affected by family violence and youth transitioning from street culture into mainstream society. The organization hosts soup-making sessions that provide hundreds of litres of nourishing soup to those that need it most.

Now, the Calgary-founded charitable organization is going beyond these events and thinking outside the box with their new enterprise extension, offering wholesale soup available for purchase to the Calgary area through Gordon Food Service. All proceeds will support Soup Sisters.

This expansion will allow Soup Sisters to engage a broader spectrum of givers, including restaurants and event venues, making the soup more easily accessible for all and ultimately growing the impact.  Soup Sisters is redefining giving, and providing a great way to bring ‘a hug in a bowl’ to your next event, family reunion, wedding, fundraiser, or corporate banquet. 

Currently offering two delicious wholesale options, Mushroom Bean Barley and Chicken Noodle, the soups are low in sodium and high in protein. Available in convenient heat-and-serve bulk format, soup can be purchased by any business, non-profit, or individual online or through Gordon Food Service. 

With Soup Sisters’ new expansion, the opportunities are limitless. Imagine going out to dine and having the option of purchasing fresh, healthy, affordable soup - “a hug in a bowl” - while knowing that all proceeds are going towards a great cause. Soup Sisters is empowering people to create impact and make a difference. They are encouraging consumers to eat fresh and give fresh to those who rely on the service and support of Soup Sisters nationwide.

With summer around the corner, wedding seasons kicking off, and many events taking place, help create impact and encourage social giving by offering healthy soup options at your next event, wedding, or on your restaurant menu.  For more information, retail inquiries, or wholesale service beyond the Calgary area, contact Soup Sisters soup experts Sharon ( and Marla (

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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